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Vera Sidika breaks up with boyfriend, deletes his pictures from Instagram

Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika has announced the breakup with her musician boyfriend, Otile Brown. The video vixen has also deleted all the loved-up pictures of the both of them from social media

Vera Sidika revealed that she loved Otile Brown with her whole heart, and for the first time she was in a relationship that felt right. According to her, she refused the advances from presidents of various countries all because of the love she felt for him.

Vera Sidika shared on social media:

Otile Brown and I are no longer in a relationship. I know it’s not important but since social media was involved it’s good to just speak my mind about it here. 
To avoid y’all tagging me on posts, sending me videos and all that stuff. I’m human. And just like every human. I have feelings, I experience all emotions. I cry. I laugh. I get happy. I get sad. 
Feel free to judge. Feel free to share this post with your friends & gossip about it, feel free to Mock my situation. It’s okay, I’m human and I’m gonna be true to myself.

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