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Veekee James drowns out the noise as she shares vacation photos with her husband

Fashion designer and fashion lover, Veekee James, seems to be drowning out the noise as she enjoys her honeymoon with her husband, Femi Atere.

Following the recent speculations and opinions shared by netizens and celebrities alike, Veekee James seems to be unbothered as she shared gorgeous vacation pictures of herself and her husband in their honeymoon.

In one of the photos, she is seen donning a beautiful yellow silk gown with her hair in a half-up half-updo hairstyle. Her husband, Femi, is also wearing a loose beach shirt. This picture is coming following a viral video of her that made its way online.

Over zealous netizens had digged up a video of Veekee James a few years back, twerking and shaking her bum to a secular song. They had slammed her for her revealing outfit and seductive video, especially following her current statement that she was a daughter of Zion.

However, her core supporters also defended her as they revealed that it was all in her past and that she had also grown out of it.

Now, recall that comedian Deeone had slammed Veekee James over her wedding. He had accused of trying to make her wedding trend while also stating that she was making her husband uncomfortable.

He expressed that she did not have any consideration for her husband who was an obvious introvert and that she needed to mellow down with how loud she was going about with it.

Singer Chike, who was also rumored to be her friend, had at some point reacted to her wedding. He had reacted with the simple word “rest,” hinting at the fact that she just might be doing too much.

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