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Vee Iye laments over the unbearable weather in Lagos

Vee Iye unbearable weather

Reality tv star and popular Twitter personality Vee Iye recently shared her opinion on the current weather condition in Lagos State.

Lamenting about the critical weather in Lagos State, she expressed how hot it was. She even went as far as comparing the weather in Lagos to an oven.

“Lagos feels like an oven right now”

In the past weeks and days after Christmas, Nigerians have continued to return back to Lagos after spending their Christmas vacations in their family homes. This could have possibly contributed to the present weather condition in Lagos.

Also recall that back in September of 2023, Vee had addressed assumptions that strangers might have about her. She expressed that if a stranger ever walked up to her and spoke to her about the assumptions of her being a witch, she would readily accept it.

Also back in October of 2023, Vee had been vocal about the pains that she experiences when going through her period. Camping on Twitter to share her personal ordeal, she stressed stressing that she was currently hanging on a bare thread. She also questioned why no single scientist was yet to figure out how to make period pains more bearable.

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