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“If you talk to someone, they exploit your problems” – Uzee Usman laments bitterly against betrayal from close allies

Uzee Usman

Nollywood actor Uzee Usman has cried out against the betrayals from close allies on social media.

He shared a post on … in which he discussed how everyone is always after their selfish interests without caring for others, saying everyone is on their own irrespective of their challenges.

Uzee Usman lamented bitterly about how those whom many see as confidants turn out to be betrayals by exploiting their problems and how one cannot be quiet in suffering.

Noting that most people pretend to care during any challenges, the actor asked his followers if they care.

He wrote, “In the end, nobody cares. Whatever you’re going through, you’re on your own. If you talk to someone, they exploit your problems. If you don’t, you suffer in silence. People pretend to care, but they really don’t. Do you?”

Sometime in February, Uzee Usman warned ungrateful people who kept demanding money to fund their lifestyles.

The actor made this post on Instagram, begging those troubling him for money to stop because it was getting out of hand. He stated that he has burdens to cater to and is not responsible for anyone’s failure.

Uzee Usman strictly admonished his followers not to respect themselves and cut their coats according to size, urging them not to get married when they don’t have the money.

Tagging the beggars as useless and ungrateful people, Uzee Usman asked them to work and earn a living.

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