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US actor, Samuel L. Jackson shares lovely pictures from his visit to Ghana

American actor, Samuel L. Jackson has shared pictures from his visit to Ghana. The actor who stepped into Ghana after visiting Gabon expressed amazement at the sights he beheld.

Sharing a picture of activities at a market, Samuel L. Jackson wrote:

“Actually walked off into the Harbor Fish Market! Totally familiar vibe of joy & shared commerce! Total contradiction to sitting in the shadow of Elmina Castle!! 

He went on to share pictures of babies being carried on their mother’s back while trading.

“The ride or die babies and the women handling their biz like always! The dancing babies and the tambourine playing nana were da best!! “

“Who need some Choos… I mean shoes! Got to be at least one pair of Labs left!” 

A fan of his beckoned on the actor to play a role in a movie about African culture while many others appreciated his love for Africa:

“I would like to see my biggest idol Samulljackson perform an historical movie in africa, mix of african culture, tradition and action . There are stories about health, economic and politic issues between 2 countries, the survive of albinos, trafic of women and alot of others things.

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