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“This is blasphemy” Uproar as Pretty Mike makes mockery of Christ with his entrance at Funny Bone’s wedding (Photos and Video)

Pretty Mike at Funny Bone's wedding

Socialite and businessman, Mike Nwogu better known as Pretty Mike has elicited anger from christians with his mockery of the saviour, Jesus Christ.

The socialite was among the many celebrities at the wedding of comedian and actor, Stanley Chibuna better known as Funny Bone which held on Sunday, June 26th.

As always, Pretty Mike made a grand entrance at the wedding reception and was the cynosure of all events.

However, Pretty Mike’s recent display didn’t sit well with Christains.

The socialite had entered the wedding venue with a lady dressed like Jesus carrying a cross along with other females, cladded in bikini who played the role of the Pharisees and Sadducees who were beating Jesus.

Sharing the disturbing video on his Instagram page, he avowed that the world would have been better if Jesus was a woman.

“What if the savior of mankind was a woman, I honestly think this world would have been a better place…”women the most undermine secret weapon given to us, by the almighty one”.

This has created a buzz on social media as many dragged him for making fun of the death of Christ.

giftplux : Are you’re tryna save the saviour?

coolly_signature : God will surely judge you for everything you are doing

nino_bahama : Blasphemy

nexxconsult : If you do this at my event you will be kicked out

chukzz_lawrence : this is sacrilege… Blasphemy…take this down baba

iam_naya1 : This is very wrong and why the fuck is people finding it funny and laughing this is like taking the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ to be in vain of the show isn’t to enlighten people about the sacrifice of Jesus this is very wrong. If it is Muslim they will find him and he will pay dearly this is trash

pxc_m4n : See watin Christian dey do. Dey use woman represent Jesus. Rubbish content if na Muslim una go talk

mr.zamoney : Barbaric act

king_shatta77 : You done see Jesus finish SMH

Still on religion, Kemi Filani news recalls Pretty Mike had slammed Muslims who deprived themselves of physical and worldly pleasure during Ramadan and return to them afterwards.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Pretty Mike questioned the trend where people return to their old character after the fasting period.

According to Pretty Mike, it was deceitful and hypocritical to act in such a manner, adding that many Muslims were combining their religion with societal trends so it can suit their lifestyle.

Pretty Mike at Funny Bone's wedding
Pretty Mike at Funny Bone's wedding
Pretty Mike at Funny Bone's wedding
Pretty Mike at Funny Bone's wedding
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