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Uproar as Blue-eyed woman in Ilorin forgives husband, weds him again (photos)

About two weeks ago, one Risikat Azeez Ayebami, a mother of two became an Internet sensation for her unique blue eyes after photos of her and her two blue eyed kids surfaced online.

Many became even more drawn to her after it was revealed that she was abandoned by her husband, Wasiu Dada due to her blue eyes.

Well a lot has happened since then, including Kwara State First Lady, coming to their aid, and it seems she has now reconciled with her husband, Wasiu Dada.

Kemi Filani News recalls that beautiful Risikat Ayebami and her adorable children Kaosarat and Hassanat were recently sent away by her husband because of her blue eyes, ocular albinism.

Risikat had claimed she had to return to her parents’ home after her husband maltreated her by always letting her and their daughters go hungry and leaving home for days without notice on when he would return.

According to her narration, her poor state of health and lean state worried her parents and they packed her things after he abandoned her and their daughters for having blue eyes.

“When she had their first daughter, he didn’t involve himself in her upkeep at all…we we were the ones that were responsible for everything. …..and after she had their other children, a set of twins, boy and girl, he abandoned them still and showed he wasn’t interested especially after one of the twins died…..we had to go and pick our daughter when she was growing thin and being maltreated” Risikat’s mother confirmed in a chat with PUNCH.

Debunking the claims however, Wasiu Dada revealed that he fell in love with Risikat because of her eyes and that he never regrets having daughters with blue eyes.

He claimed he left her because of her waywardness.

Well, these newly released photos of the couple have shown that they have reconciled and are back together following the intervention of the Kwara state first lady!

”A lot of people have come on board, not just myself. I think the whole of Kwara is very happy with the story and with how things are turning out for Riskat and her children. I know you are probably aware that her husband has also come out now and he has come to our office and we have had a conversation with him and Risikat herself has said she wants to be reunited with him.” the first lady said

Many however are not impressed with the reunion as they feel the husband is an opportunist..

One Irene Sawyer wrote “So, she has forgotten so fast and taken him back? African women and marriage”

One Cream Berry wrote “I don’t understand why force a man to be with a woman he doesn’t love… love kankan o live here o… some one that abandoned her in hardship… now everywhere is soft, you are now reuniting rubbish.. this is not even a love story… it’s the sad story of what happens in most home”

One Larry wrote “Why am I pained? I hate that this is happening. The guy isn’t in love with the lady, it’s so obvious. By force love leleyi”

While one Lanre wrote “It is obvious this guy doesn’t love her..The guy is odd in the picture, this shows he doesn’t deserve the lady. You were absent in her life, only for you to show up cos of fame. Tueh!”

One Khadeejah wrote “Am so sorry but this isn’t right, this man left her when she was a nobody & now bck when he sees she’s becoming a better person,are you saying what he did is right?”




    August 20, 2020 at 11:16 am

    What do you people want the woman to do? Go and have more children with another person, a situation that the woman does not want? For me, the marriage is now going to be well cemented by coming together like this. The Almighty God has brought them together again to tell them that divorce in any form (except adultery) is not godly. Let us encourage them to learn from their mistake and live together as husband and wife. It is Almighty God that brought out all the incidences leading to the reunion of this couple again. Let us encourage this Godly institution.

  2. T

    August 20, 2020 at 10:34 pm

    I heard they want to do a corrective Surgery for her , if the Surgery is to change the blue eyes to black.
    They shouldn’t try it ooo. She said it doesn’t affect her Sight and that she can read well.
    She’s unique like that oo!!!!

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