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Ufuoma McDermott reflects on her marital journey as she marks 13th wedding anniversary

Ufuoma McDermott 13th wedding anniversary

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Ufuoma McDermott is celebrating her 13th wedding anniversary with her husband, Steven McDermott.

The biracial couple who got married in 2010 is celebrating 13 years of marital bliss.

Taking to her Instagram page, the mother of two shared a slideshow of her and her husband over the years, as she reflected on their journey.

The short clip she posted online captured the couple’s journey over the last 13 years from their traditional wedding to their court marriage, and more.

Keeping it short and simple, Ufuoma McDermott wrote, “Happy 13th”.

Ufuoma Mcdermott pleads for prayers as she marks her 12th wedding anniversary

Last year, Ufuoma had pleaded for prayers as she marked her 12th wedding anniversary.

This was in the wake of singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu’s death from domestic violence.

Crying out, Ufuoma pleaded with Nigerians for prayers as she and her husband journey through life together.

The actress also seized the opportunity to share an uplifting message to encourage couples and those aspiring to get married.

Ufuoma made it known that marriage is indeed beautiful and one has to smile more than one cry.

However, there is no perfect marriage as every marriage is filled with tears and ‘bullshit’ but one needs to have self-love.

The highly revered actress warned couples not to allow anyone to make them feel that they deserve less and deserve to be beaten.

She wrote, “Marriage is beautiful. You have to smile more than you cry. And yes, you’ll cry. It can NEVER work without self-love. Two broken people come together to manage each other’s bullshit. No, let one person tell you to say his/her bullshit is better than yours, and your bullshit needs beating. Na lie! So cheers to Steven & Ufuoma’s bullshit of 12 years. We’re indeed blessed”.

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