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“Take care of your mental health” Uche Ogbodo slams body shamers

Uche Ogbodo slams body shamers

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has heard enough from body shamers.

The actress took to Instagram to lash out at them for the body shaming.

Uche Ogbodo affirmed that she loves her body the way it is and is proud of it.

She told them to take care of their mental health and leave her ass alone.

“Leave my ass alone haters. I love it. Just the way it is!… I love my body!! I love myself too much. Take care of your mental health pls, it’s more important than my ass”.

This isn’t the first time the actress is lashing out at body shamers.

Kemi Filani news recalls Uche Ogbodo had warned trolls who body-shame her over her swollen boobs.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Uche Ogbodo disclosed that she was currently weaning her baby off the breast, which had caused her so much pain.

According to Uche Ogbodo, before anyone tried to body-shame her, they should know she was in severe pain with her swollen breast.

She wrote: I don Fuck up oooo, but before you Body Shame Me, know that I’m in serious Mighty Pain with my Swollen Breasts from Trying to Wean my Baby .. Before I start Thinking of Suicide. Pls who is going through Weaning A baby at the moment pls give me tips . The Pain is Unbearable.

Uche Ogbodo
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