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Uche Ogbodo reveals the reason she fights like a tiger as she reflects on her childhood

Uche Ogbodo reminisce on her childhood

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has been in a reflecting mood this week.

The movie star, who days back, reflected on her life with her late best friend, has reminisced on her childhood.

Sharing a throwback photo from her childhood, Uche Ogbodo revealed that the reason she fights like a tiger is because she is never going back to her former life, where she came from the littlest.

According to Uche, her humble beginning taught her all the lessons she is using to Push ahead in life, so she doesn’t have regret.

Counting her blessings, she noted how she no longer loves in one room, face me I face you house, and is doing well financially.

“TBT – Started from the Bottom, now We are Here!
I came from the Littlest, Reason why I fight like a Tiger cos I’m never going back there. So much memories from my childhood. We give God all the Glory & thanks.
But my Humble Beginning taught me all the lessons I’m using to Push ahead in Life now, So no Regrets.
We no longer live in one room face me I face you. We are alright now. God has been good to Us.

Which one am I in this photo?”.

Uche Ogbodo reminisce on her childhood

Death took something very dear from me” Uche Ogbodo grieves

It was a challenging time for pregnant Uche Ogbodo days back as she grieved the death of her best friend.

The soon-to-be mum of three shared throwback photos of herself as she reminisced on the memories she made with her late best friend.

Uche Ogbodo revealed that the pictures brought back memories of her friend as it was the last event they attended together before her untimely death.

The wife of Bobby Marris, who still weeps over her BFF, lamented over how death took something very dear to her.

“Nah me be this oooo. Death took something very very Dear to me from Me. My bestest friend in this whole wide world. I still cry and miss Her so much. This picture just brought back memories to me. This was the last event we attended together before you left me Jenny.

Keep Resting in Peace”.

Uche Ogbodo narrates her near-death experience in the labor room

Last year, Uche Ogbodo shared her near-death experience while birthing her second child with her younger boo, Bobby Marris.

The movie star who was celebrating her 44th birthday recounted how she almost lost her life during labor.

According to her, she felt something tragic was going to happen but she kept faith and held unto God to see her through.

Uche Ogbodo had complications after birthing her baby, there as sacs in her stomach which is one of the conditions that causes bleeding after birth.

Fortunately for her, the female doctor was able to discover it and refused to stitch her because she knew her stomach wasn’t normal.

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