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Uche Elendu declares love for Anita Joseph over her support at her 40th birthday celebration

Uche Elendu profess love for Anita Joseph

Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu has declared her love for her best friend, Anita Joseph over her support at her 40th birthday celebration.

Kemi Filani reported that Anita had gone all out for Uche as she showered her bestie with love.

Sharing a video from one of the many birthday bash held for Uche, Anita hailed her.

“1st Entrance. The emperor. The champion. The lion is here. Cheers to you sugaz”.

Taking to her comment section, Uche professed her love for her.

She noted how Anita celebrated her in style and prayed for God to honor her forever.

“I love you….love, peace, and joy is the greatest wealth one can acquire. You celebrated me in style. May the Lord honor you forever”.

Anita Joseph also reaffirmed her love for her.

“I love you boo boo. Amen wishing you same”.

Uche Elendu profess love for Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph writes emotional letter to best friend, Uche Elendu following reconciliation

Kemi Filani reported that Anita Joseph had kept to her word and had composed a letter to Uche Elendu.

She noted how she had missed several times and events in her life, which she knew can never be replaced.

According to Anita, it has been all piles of emotions for her looking back at them now and then.

She is however grateful that they are back like they never left and even the Angels are rejoicing with them.

Anita revealed that her wish for Uche Elendu is that she moves from peace to Grace and greatness to greatness.

Anita Joseph apologizes to Uche Elendu, 3 years after messy fight

In January, Anita Joseph and Uche Elendu had started the year on a good note.

The best friends, who fell out in 2019, after Anita Joseph called out Uche Elendu, decided to start the year by rekindling an old relationship.

Anita Joseph had issued a public apology to Uche Elendu for calling her a ‘Witch’ over a hair-related issue.

The two beautiful actresses used to be friends until Anita landed a partnership deal with a hair company.

Anita called out her bestie in a video on November 2019, where she alleged that Uche Elendu who sells hair products, was angry at her for modeling the hair of another brand, and held it against her.

While addressing her as a witch who wanted her to remain broke, Anita recounted how she patronized Uche’s hair products numerous times despite not benefiting from her as her big customer.

However, she realized her mistake and wanted to right her wrongs.

In the clip, Anita reiterated that she regretted her actions and missed their friendship.

Accepting her apology, Uche Elendu took to her comment section to send New Year greetings to her.

Reacting, Anita Joseph noted how the year was about to be a good one.

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