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Ubi Franklin expresses regret about the way he had his kids

Music executive, Ubi Franklin has stated that the way and manner by which he had his kids is not the way he would love to have them if he had a second chance.

Ubi Franklin made this known in an interview with Daddy Freeze in which he also opened up on how he met his third baby mama, Nicola Siyo.

”My ex that just had a baby. we were dating before she started working with me. We were dating and one day I was on the phone trying to get a good communications person and she had already worked with a communications department in a multinational company in South Africa and she said I could help you do a few things while you look for the person to do it which is not bad. After that, she started working with us. We were dating before she became my staff because I felt she had a particular skill I needed. She was someone that could understand and listen to me at a particular time to do the job. She is a great person. Not every relationship will end in marriage’‘ he said

Ubi Franklin who has three kids with three women and expecting a fourth, went on to express how much he wishes the kids all live in the same home.

“Honestly, I want to say it today the way I have had my kids, the three of them, is not how I would have loved to have them. I prayed to God for four kids, I have three now. I would have wished that they were all together in the same home but you see, things happen. I don’t regret anything” 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kai

    May 27, 2020 at 8:25 pm

    Bastard Liar.You were dating a woman as a married man.What a sugar coated lie.Not every relationship will lead to marriage, if I hear.Oga Bastard,you omitted counting your 4th child by Sandra.I guess she too had always been your business partner….bla bla bla.Idiot

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