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Actress Lilian Esoro wonders how she and Ubi Franklin managed to have a son (photos)

Lilian Esoro Ubi Franklin son

Actress Lilian Esoro might have fallen out of love with husband Ubi Franklin, but she is definitely not calling him a deadbeat dad where their only son, Jayden is concerned.

Lilian who is already halfway through a divorce with Ubi could not hide her feelings this morning as she celebrated her son’s 2nd birthday.

According to Lilian, she can’t comprehend how she did it with Ubi but they are raising a rare gem together.

“Happy birthday son.???? I am super blessed seeing you take on another year in good health, happiness n strength. I am super glad your dad and I are able to raise a super Happy, handsome, sweet, smart, and intelligent boy. I really don’t know how we did this @ubifranklintriplemg but we are raising a rare gem here. I bless God for it all. We are super proud to have you as our son. Happy birthday my sweet-happy-sugar-creamy-handsome-chocolate-butterscotch footballer in the making ??? oya oo Modeling Agencies over to you. ???? Go forth and prosper in Jesus name. Mummy loves you ??”

Lilian’s marriage to Ubi went on a downward spiral barely a year after the union was sealed and all efforts to salvage the situation proved abortive. Apparently, she moved on with her life.

Despite the fall however, they have maintained a civil relationship where their son is concerned.

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