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TY Bello makes interesting revelation about former bandmate Emem Ema

Popular singer and photographer, TY Bello has shared a wonderful message in celebration of Emem Ema, a former band member who clocked 40 today.

In the message which as shared on Instagram, TY Bello narrated the huge role Emem Ema played in her photography career.

She also spoke on challenges faced as undergraduates at UNILAG.

She wrote:

“EMEM EMA at 40: One ways to know when a friend is good for you ? Watchout for what they do when your dream is still a whisper.. when your next idea hasn’t crystallized.. 20 years ago .. I ‘whispered’ about ‘maybe ‘ wanting to be a photographer.. @vzhun did the first big thing anyone ever did for my photography .. she gave me a photography book ..Her late dad was the famous artist Iyang Ema.. madam went into his library and found me a book on photography .. Now you have to understand how big a deal this is .. I didn’t have access to the internet at the time .. this book was the only dream seed .. I saw the word ‘aperture ‘ for the first time .. I didn’t understand what that was … didn’t understand the book but I read it cover to cover countless times .. Emem ema helped me get started in photography before anyone did . Emem knows how to make things happen .. because shes a dreamer -doer.. we use to free-style in the room I was squatting at (i didn’t ha accommodation in Unilag for two years .. slept in class and perched with friends pretty much ).. next thing you know we’re publicly making music .. recording in a studio … becoming a band with @larageorgemusic and @dapotorimiro .. sending songs to my brother @gbengasokefun next thing you know we’re getting a record deal in the United States .. and on and on our story goes ..

“Emem ema .. the shy ( believe me she actually is )super smart .. .. always minding her own business ..( apart from when she’s low key subbing you under her breath ??) workaholic.. (knows where the money is at ).. forward thinking .. forever loyal… gentle and kindhearted .. tomboyish forever.. God loving ..media mogul with a mad sense of humor …this girl Ive known since she was 15 is now 40 …. It’s hard to believe.. how much time has passed but I’m grateful for the gift that you are ..thank you for being so awesome ! #tybellophotography #makeup by the magician herself .. @bimpeonakoya #hair by Mrsoji and myself.”


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