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‘True love is known when there’s no means of benefit’ – Actress Susan Peters

Nollywood actress Susan Peters has revealed how true love is known among family members, friends, and marriage.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, the actress said true love is known during difficult times and no means of benefits.

She wrote: The sincerity of husband is known during the sickness of his wife. The sincerity of wife is known during financial difficulties of the husband.

The true love of children is known during the old age of the parents. The true nature of siblings is known during distribution of inheritance.

The sincerity of friend of friends is known during hard times. True relatives are known when one is far from his country or lonely or sick.

True love is known when there is no benefits. A true believer is known during times of hardship 💯 don’t give up , keep the flame burning ❣️

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