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“If not for her nanny” Toyin Lawani showers love on her daughter’s nanny as she recalls her struggle



Toyin Lawani daughter's nanny

Famous Nigerian celebrity stylists and fashion designer Toyin Lawani has showered love on her daughter’s nanny, who helped her during her struggles.

Kemi Filani recalls that Toyin Lawani revealed how she coped with the trauma of losing her fourth child and the pains she went through.

The mother of three revealed that she had undergone numerous surgeries, including fibroid surgeries, arthritis, and others.

Contrary to how people viewed her quick recovery after her third child through surgery, Toyin Lawani revealed she had to get back on her feet because she hates showing weakness.

“Thanks to everyone who reached out, God bless u all,

“Few months forward, I found out I was pregnant again, this wasn’t planned atall&i and hubby said tell no one, cause we weren’t sure, even when my friends said, are pregnant, I will just laugh abt it. And say no it’s not there, unfortunately, I got so stressed &depressed, started bleeding as usual cse I bleed having all my kids, from day one till due date, so felt it was normal, but it took a huge turn& I lost it, in the process I’m hearing I need a spine surgery I’m like how old I’m I…”

Sharing photos of her one-year-old daughter, Tinuke Eleora and her nanny, whose name was not shared, Toyin Lawani disclosed that she had been helpful during her trying period because her little daughter did not understand how sick she was.

She wrote: Boss baby tee with her super nanny,
With their SU scarf

If not for this nanny ehn this period,
Hmmmn it’s only God oo,
Smally doesn’t care oo,
She just wants her mommy and will not let anyone else carry her,
But my nanny get her password for Hand

Kemi Filani also recalls that Toyin Lawani penned an appreciation note to her daughter’s nanny while she was prepping hard for her daughter’s one year birthday party.

Toyin Lawani expressed gratitude to her daughter’s nanny for her care despite having her own children.

“This is my ist time I won’t be able to be in my child’s shoot for her birthday shoot, Due to my condition, So I’m like, why not she do one with her nanny, That’s like her mommy too, na, My way of appreciating the woman, She’s got two kids as well,

It’s not easy leaving them to come to Lagos to care for another person’s kid, they all also have struggles, Well done.”