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“No one can match up to the talent and creativity I possess” Toyin Lawani brags

Toyin Lawani brags about her creativity and talent

Celebrated celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has bragged about having an unmatchable talent.

The Tiannahs place empire CEO noted how the world always talk down at greatness rather than understand it.

She boldly affirmed that no one can match up to the talent she and her husband possess as the value they have to share to the world is massive.

Addressing her husband, she told him to continue being himself and to keep being her ‘special masquerade’.

“You can’t expect the world to understand Greatness, Rather to, they talk it down, the truth is you are not for everyone and we will never be, the value we have to share with the world is massive, Even with all the money in the world, They can never match up to the Talent we possess, keep Being you my special MASQUERADE”.

Toyin Lawani brags about her level of creativity

According to Toyin Lawani, it has been 24 years of starting an entrepreneurial business and 16 years of beginning the styling business.

Toyin Lawani added that she has always put Africa on the map and setting the pace.

She wrote: Happy 40th birthday to the King of fashion @theunstoppabletoyinlawani . The fashion Goddess&The Business mogul of our time

I’ve come a long way, Showing women that what a man can do a woman can do better , empowering creative minds&being the star-maker

24years of starting the Entrepreneurial business &16 years of starting the styling business. Always putting Africa on the map & setting the pace. All Hail the king of fashion in Africa @theunstoppabletoyinlawani

Many people hv been calling expecting a party, but this year is going to be different, focus on the craft my family, celebrate my achievements, pray for me , let’s give and pray , next year will be a huge turnup, atimes prayer and family is key I’m going to change few peoples lives in the morning.

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