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Toyin Abraham tells Nigerian government what to do over xenophobic attacks

Actress Toyin Abraham has stated that it’s time for Nigeria to stand as the giant of Africa in response to the xenophobic attacks suffered by Nigerians in South Africa.

Condemning the actions of South Africans against foreigners, Toyin Abraham stated that such is only done by animals.

She shared on social media:

“Every reasonable Africans should stand up and condemn the mindless killing going on in South Africa. It is not because they are killing Nigerians and looting their goods, it is simply because only animals do things these criminals are doing-killing for spot, killing to feed stupid ego or mindless hunger.

She added that the Nigerian government have to do something to send a strong message to South Africa concerning their actions.

“I am sad we are losing our brothers and sisters but more sad because Nigerian government haven’t done enough to send strong message to South Africans that enough is enough. We will continue to pray for safety of Nigerians in SA but let our government know that prayer without work is dead on arrival. Time to stand as Giant of Africa”.

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