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Drama as Toyin Abraham reportedly arrests X user who wished death on her son for cyber bullying

Toyin Abraham arrests X user

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi has reportedly arrested a X user, who wished death on her son for cyber bullying and defamation.

The movie star, who has been dragged mercilessly for supporting President Tinubu during the General election, has reportedly arrested the X user who cyber bullied and defamed her.

According to a source, identified as Reedah, who is close to the Twitter user, she had his mother that the X user has been arrested since 4 days ago. She revealed that the police came from Lagos to arrest him for cyber bullying Toyin Abraham.

“Hello am Reedah and Yarlo is my friend. Heard from his mom he has been arrested since 4 days ago. Heard the police came from Lagos to arrest him. They said he was cyber bullying Toyin Abraham. Pls any help you can render will deeply appreciate you”, the message reads.

Before his arrest, the X user while trading words with Toyin had told her to use him as scapegoat as he wished death on her son.

He tweeted, “So na you Dem promise good governance on behalf of Nigeria? Onijere seh. Your son go kpai soon”.

He added, “Use me as first scapegoat” and Toyin Abraham had responded promising to use him as one. She replied, “Okay then since you say I should use you, then your wish is my command”.

Toyin Abraham arrests X user
Toyin Abraham arrests X user

See some reactions below,

One Tiwa Topeh wrote, “Well, she did good. It’s okay to come for her which is not even necessary. What is joy okay is cursing her. That’s extreme

One Prank Hottiee wrote, “His wish was granted

One Boyam Beauty Empire wrote, “Enough of cyber bullying that’s the best way to go. Was she the only one that voted Tinubu, make una rest

One Artist Reflections wrote, “Excellent move Toyin, solidly with you on this

One Oma Dearest wrote, “Very silly guy. I hate it when they pass curses to innocent family members especially children”.

Recall that during and after the election, Toyin Abraham had unashamedly declared her love and support for Tinubu’s administration amidst heavy backlash.

In an interview, the mother of one cried out over the bullying, stating that she had never seen this type of trolling before in her entire life. Toyin noted how many went the extra mile to petition her brands and urge Netflix to take down her movies. She added that she was intimidated, bullied, insulted, and cursed because she supported the now President-elect.

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