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Tonto Dikeh shares some of the important things she has learnt in 38years



Tonto Dikeh 38 years lesson

Ahead of her birthday in two days, Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has shared some of the things she has learned in 38 years.

The movie star, via her Instagram page, revealed that she has learnt never to tell one’s family and friends everything as it can backfire. She has also learned not to reveal the actual amount in one’s account, to have multiple streams of income, and to embrace one’s uniqueness among others.

Tonto Dikeh stated that she has learned that finding closure is a scam and it’s better for one to move on and rebuild.

“Things I have learned in 38 years.
Never tell your family everything; it will backfire.
Never tell your friends everything; it will backfire
Never tell anyone how much you have in the bank, that’s for you and the bank alone.
Don’t be too nice, not everyone has your heart. Be a good person but not a too nice person.
No one is like you, embrace your uniqueness.
Show yourself as much love as you can!!
Be selfish with your Space, boundaries, love, and trust.
Multiple streams of income are the new SELF LOVE, SELF CARE, AND BIGGEST BOSS MOVE.
No matter how little start something that brings daily income.
Fixed deposits are the biggest scam, next time ask your bank if you want to invest with them and watch yourself become a billionaire.
Finding closure is a scam. Move on and rebuild. Be your own motivation to be better and do better”.

Tonto Dikeh 38 years lesson

Tonto Dikeh laments ahead of her 38th birthday

Just days back, Tonto Dikeh had revealed her plans for her birthday.

The movie star, who is set to turn 38 on June 9th stated that she feels too old for glitz and glam.

According to the mum of one, she wants to have a children’s carnival to celebrate her day and hopes she achieves this.

Tonto Dikeh mentioned that as one grows older, one just wants peace and a stress-free day.

The philanthropist further stated that she is tired of partying and feeding people who she doesn’t know or would never speak to again until her next invite.

Tonto Dikeh opens up on her heart condition as she reveals her unusual birthday gift to herself

In a follow-up post, Tonto Dikeh had gifted herself a membership to the gym as her birthday gift.

The actress while sharing a video of herself in the gym, revealed that her major priority is to live a long and healthy life for her son.

The mother of one disclosed that she suffers from a bad heart which has made exercising difficult for her.

According to her, going to the gym is no fun as her pulse her open, her blood is pumping and she is in pain.

Tonto Dikeh affirmed that she would always be a surgery girl that is a fan of liposuction and all, but she has realized that she needs to exercise and use waist trainers.