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“You can’t tell a woman to move on from a man she dumped” Tonto Dikeh issues out message to critics

Tonto Dikeh and ex

Days after shading her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, actress, Tonto Dikeh has issued out an important message to critics.

KFN reported that the single mother of one had angered many when she resumed shading her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, referring to him as a mini man. Reacting to it, many told the actress to move on and allow her ex be.

Responding to them, Tonto Dikeh stated that she wouldn’t be deterred to speak her story, because it belongs to her, when ever and where ever.

She noted how no one teaches us how to go through our nightmares, and as such it is her horror to speak about her ex.

In her final message, Tonto added that can’t teach her how to move on from a man she dumped.

“To the move on gang I’m sorry to say that no amount of the shaming will deter me from “Speaking my story”. It’s called my because it belongs to me, to be told when ever and where ever I choose to.

No one teaches us how to go through our night mares, it’s my horror to speak.

You can’t teach me now to tell my story!!! So do save the word “move on” cause I’ll make you type that many more times.

We gonna be around a long time hearing my story when I feel like it!!
No man born of a woman can stop me/limit my voice or change my story.

Finally you don’t tell a woman to move on from a man she dumped make it make sense”.

Tonto belittles ex-husband, Churchill

Kemi Filani news reported that Tonto Dikeh had thrown a shade at her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, referring to him as a mini man.

The mother of one reignited her beef with her ex, while trying to pass a message to the public.

Tonto noted how many who mocked her when she confessed to feeding her husband and his mother, are now in similar situation.

Noting how life is fickle, she told the public to learn how to be delicate. In all, her point is to never laugh at a disappointment/fuckup because it isn’t theirs.

Olakunle Churchill’s cousin, Gbemi Adesioye had fired back at the actress, filthy dragging her.

Tonto Dikeh lashes out at Olakunle Churchill’s cousin

Reacting to her draggings, Tonto stated that she wouldn’t be forced to revive a brand that only exists because of he power and influence.

Tonto Dikeh noted how she is a single mum, combining parenthood with politics, and as such she has chosen to stay focused.

In a what seems like message to Churchill, she said she would only reply when the culprit respond to her.

“It is politics O’clock. It not easy being a hardworking successful single mum. And then combining it with politics is a whole lot of work. So I’m choosing to stay focused.

With that been said: I would not be pushed into reviving a brand that only exist because of my power/influence. Let the culprits deny then I’ll be ready…
I said what I said.

The Goal is ahead…
Never behind”.

Tonto Dikeh slams critics
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