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“Fat fool, may you find yourself in worse situation” Tonto Dikeh hits back at Foluke Daramola

Tonto Dikeh hits back at Foluke Daramola

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has fired back at her colleague, Foluke Daramola for weighing into her drama with ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill.

Kemi Filani reported minutes ago that Foluke Daramola Salako had cautioned Tonto Dikeh to refrain from tarnishing her Olakunle Churchill’s image.

Foluke Daramola, who is friends with Churchill, took to his defence to chide Tonto Dikeh for her behavior.

While engaging in a heated argument with one of Tonto Dikeh’s fan, Foluke stated that if only Tonto understands the implication of what she is doing, she would refrain from it. Unfortunately, the society now appreciated insanity and rude behavior.

Tonto’s fan wrote, “Advise your only brother to pay school fees and show Teller…. Not those obsoletes evidence… It’s is well with him

Foluke replied, “Really?? Very funny so he should start saving receipts and showing u pls as what?? If only the mother understands the implications of these things being done. But unfortunately what is ins@ne is now the norm. So sad”.

Adding to it, Foluke Daramola advised Tonto to move on as she, Foluke, is also a single mother yet she doesn’t expose her children to bitter people.

She stated that the constant back and forth between the two is unnecessary as they were once in love before things turned messy.

“U had better advice her mentor to move on I have been a single mother b4 and I don’t expose my children to bitter people like this, there had been love and find memories at a point is time and a life at that, that should be respected all this back and forth is just unnecessary. Something’s are appreciated being kept secret. Olakunle Churchill is my friend and brother that I respect his privacy so I will not go to the gutted with u on what’s his personal life. Thinks b4 u write”.

Tonto Dikeh hits back at Foluke Daramola

Replying her, Tonto Dikeh referred to her as a fat fool and scumbag.

Warning Foluke Daramola, Tonto Dikeh told her to refrain from mentioning her name. She noted how Foluke wasn’t there when Churchill was broke and she was feeding him, yet claim, Churchill is her brother.

“Foluke Daramola Salako respectfully ma you are a FAT fool. Your brother/friend brought out fans watch receipts, fake audio car gift receipt but can’t bring out SCHOOL FEE AND CHILDCARE receipt. Take your side, but while doing that get my name/or referring to me out of your unsaturated fat Mouth…he is your brother now but none of you could borrow him money for wedding, he is your brother you respect then shut the fuck up and keep respecting him but if you disrespect me in the process I will tell you that age is nothing but a number. Fat fool, you are at least 10/13 years older than I am if you don’t act accordingly I will reduce you to my age…I don’t smile with you fetish actresses, pls keep the same energy..I’m glad you are also a single mother, may you find yourself in a worse situation. Amen. Free me or be ready for me”.

She added, “We can all be mad since this scumbag thinks she knows my story better than I do. I fear and avoid you guys. I avoid these Yoruba actresses because j don’t have power to sleep in shrine. Please as I avoid you avoid me.
If the fans provoke you fight the fan don’t involve me”.

Tonto Dikeh hits back at Foluke Daramola
Tonto Dikeh hits back at Foluke Daramola

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