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Toke Makinwa’s comment fires shot at Mr Jollof and BBNaija’s Thelma over Kobe Bryant

In a statement that is fit enough to be a response to Comedian Mr Jollof and BBNaija’s Thelma, OAP Toke Makinwa has slammed those who are criticizing people for mourning Kobe Bryant.

With many on social media mourning the death of Kobe Bryant who died in a helicopter crash yesterday, some can be seen with a different opinion and reaction.

One of those is MR Jollof who stated that Kobe Bryant died as a result of what he bought with his money.

BBNaija’s Thelma on her own part wondered why people tend to celebrate someone when he dies without doing same to them while alive.

She was slammed by those who dropped comments.

Lee wrote:

“You want to make a name thru Tobe Bryant. you can’t watch a game of basket ball in this country without hearing Kobe’s name. he is celebrated when alive and when dead. children here are not eating because of Tobe Bryant who has inspired both children and adult so please girl, don’t try to make a name for yourself over what you don’t know”.

Ola wrote: “U dey,see as you dey disgrace yourself! U need to read more n not just limit yourself to junk news. Cam see you don’t know who Koba was, people are mourning him world wide cause of achievement in B.ball. He was well celebrated by past n sitting presidents, boys’, girl’s, old,young. Just read wide and stop displaying your ignorance upanddan. Book book,u no go read,na only niceness and big cassava una go dey search for here and there! Yeyebrity way no know book……..aunty dey mumu”.

Toke Makinwa who couldn’t stand how some people are trying to silence mourners took to social media:

“Before you criticize people for mourning a legend they haven’t met or paying their respect to Kobe, before you comment foolishly,  think about your life, your work, your message to the world and hope that when it’s your turn to go the world will feel your departure.”

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