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Toke Makinwa speaks on hate for men, feminism

Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa

Divorced OAP, Toke Makinwa has said that she doesn’t hate men while giving a definition to the term feminism.

This was after a Twitter user tried to use her and actress Tonto Dikeh who is also divorced as an example of why feminism is seen as a movement that hates men.

“I don’t hate men, I hate Patriarchy and I speak against “male privileges””, Toke Makinwa responded.

She went on to reveal the difference between feminism and her hate for male privileges.

“Know the difference and set yourself free. Feminism is not hatred towards the male gender, I just can’t stand the male privileges that exists, It is speaking out against patriarchy, it is inclusion and there are men who support feminism too”.

@domingo_loso reacted: “
I will only respect the Feminist that support the empowerment of women and also not just coming on social media to rant and bash the male species, they go out there and voice out, the Northern part of Nigeria has a high rate of Patriarchy, a lot of women go through a lot there, let them address that, not just being e-feminists”.

@Tombleen wrote: “Male privileges? Like seriously? That’s a myth that should be debunked and obliterated with full force”.

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