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Tiwa Savag* rains flowery words on Ayra Starr, reminisces on her journey as a singer (video)

Tiwa Savage praises Ayra Starr, reminisces on her journey as a singer.

Tiwa Sav*g* proved in a recent interview that she’s a girl’s girl by showering praises on Ayra Starr.

The interview started with the interviewer showing Tiwa Sav*g* a clip where Ayra Starr was asked about her inspiration, and the first name she mentioned was Tiwa.

Afterwards, Tiwa Sav*g* was asked about how Ayra Starr’s response made her feel, and she responded by saying it made her feel amazing.

Tiwa Sav*g* went on to say that Ayra Starr is amazing and genuine. She also said that seeing Ayra Starr made her feel emotional because when she first started out as a singer, she got criticized a lot for being to se*y, and having risqué lyrics.

In relating the criticism she got for how she dressed, Tiwa Sav*g* said she’s happy when she sees Ayra Starr wearing mini skirts, and that she wants her to wear shorter ones.

Ayra Starr has often been criticized for the length of her skirts ever since the start of her career, but that hasn’t stopped her from wearing it regardless.

Mini skirts have become Ayra Starr’s signature style that has made her easily identifiable, and unique as a brand.

On the matter of Tiwa Sav*g* supporting Ayra Starr, this isn’t the first time she’s mentioned her name. A while ago, Tiwa Sav*g* responded to rumors that she doesn’t support other female artists by posting a clip from a song they did together.

Being an alumni of MAVIN records, where Ayra Starr is currently signed has set a background for both of them to be close.

While Tiwa Sav*g* was still signed to MAVIN records, she was one of the top performing artists there, with a lot of solo songs, and being a lead singer in most of their joint songs as a group.

She has gone on to be signed by SONY Music, where she seems to be doing well for herself. Recently, she produced a movie titled Water and Garri, and it has been making waves so far.

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