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This Nigerian lady’s reason for having one boyfriend sparks outrage


A lady identified simply as Patience has sparked an outrage with a social media post earlier today. The lady had taken to her social media account to reveal the reason why she has opted to be faithful to her boyfriend

According to her, she believes doing “runs” is morally wrong and she has strong faith in her boyfriend, she is sure would become a wealthy man one day

She revealed that she does not have the urge to run after men because of this and she expressed herself in a post that read;

Why I stick to my boyfriend for the past 4yrs… I no he has a future, some day he will become a man with full of wealth. I don’t believe in doing runs,, jumping from one old man to another. It doesn’t pay, rather you are killing ur stars as a lady.

I love u Mr Ezekiel Umaru.


The post was sure to spark an outrage especially as a result of the manner she expressed herself

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