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This lady says her boyfriend can never complain. Here’s why

Over the years, women search for how to keep their lovers as every woman seem to long for the fairy tale, happily ever after with their lovers

In same light, men have tried to unravel what a woman really wants. The search for true love, happiness and satisfaction has led many to become overnight authors as series of bpooks and reading materials are produced day in, day out, to bring an answer to this quest

A social media user @Herlean however, has declared that her lover can never complain which is her dream , as she makes him happy

The lady claims that the reason he cannot complain or leave her is because she cooks and cleans!

Of a truth, some people find their one true love and remain in love, till death do them part however, is it because they cook and clean?

See her post here;

Can all these really keep a man?? Should we tell her??

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