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“This is not the king I use to know” – Netizens express concern over Elegushi’s health


Netizens have expressed their concerns towards the health of the king of Elegushi Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi.

A video shared online by City People captured the king sitting with his beautiful first wife Queen Sekinat Aramide Elegushi. The lovely couple wore attires matching those at the event.

The video shared online called the attention of netizens who expressed concerns about the Monarch’s health. Many seek answers to know if the king is having stroke or he’s been sick for a while

One Anike Boboye affirmed that Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi is the life of a party but she’s not feeling his energy in the circulating video

Titiojour wrote, “It’s seems as if he has a stroke.It is well.”

Black depression forum wrote, “Did he have a stroke? I pray everything is ok for the King and Queen”

“This is not the Gucci I use to know 🙄 normally king Gucci for party you gats feel him buh what am seeing is zero ginger 🤷 it is well,” Adenike Boboye noted.

Days ago, Saheed Elegushi shared a new photo online to mark his 14th year of coronation.

The king shared a picture of himself on his Instagram page. The shared photo captured Elegushi sitting proudly with his crown depicting a fierce king.

The king reflected on his journey so far which began 14 years ago with uncertainty. He applauded the efforts of his people and their achievements which is as a result of God’s grace.

In 2023, Kemi Filani reported that a rumour claimed the King’s first wife, Queen Sekinat died while undergoing a BBL surgery. This was refuted when the palace updated worried netizens on the state of the queen’s life days after addressing her BBL surgery rumours.

The statement claimed the queen is hale and hearty and blogger Kemi Ashefon confirmed this in a phone call to the Queen, who denied the rumours about her death.

The rumours about the elegant queen’s death were allegedly circulated by one London-based Nigerian blogger, Abike Jagaban, who claimed the Queen’s aunt announced her death to her amidst tears!

The royal family described the rumours as the wicked imagination of the authors.

According to the statement, the senior wife of the long is hale and hearty and going about her royal business.

The Palace also appreciated friends and family members of the monarch for their concern and love.

It added that legal action would be taken against anyone peddling false rumours about the royal family.

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