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‘This is not necessary’ Nigerians drag comedian Craze Clown for calling out a hospital over incomprehension of the word ‘toddler’

craze clown calls out lekki hospital

Nigerians have dragged famous Instagram comedian, Emmanuel Iwueke, popularly known as Craze Clown, for calling out a hospital in Lekki over their lack of understanding of the word ‘toddler’.

The comic actor called a hospital in Lekki to inquire if they were on board since he is bringing a toddler for treatment.

In response to his call, the receptionist had asked what a toddler is, and it shocked him to know that a well-grounded hospital is not conversant with the word ‘toddler’.

However, he concluded that a hospital that does not know the word toddler cannot render service to what they don’t know.

He wrote:

Called a hospital in Lekki late last night see if they are working and I said I’m bringing a toddler and she goes ‘WHATS a toddler’ I just hang up! You no fit treat Wetin you no know! Nonsense and Ingredients!

Moreover, Nigerians have dragged him concerning the issue that calling out the hospital is unnecessary since most times it is the receptionist of a hospital that tends to incoming and outgoing calls. In Nigerian society, a word like a toddler is not commonly used like ‘child’. However, it is the responsibility of the doctors to take care of the child when admitted.

While some said, he should have brought in the sick child immediately instead of placing a call to any hospital. Adding his negligence to the child’s health is detrimental.

See comments:

@r_enam_ wrote: How did you pronounce the word tho?..it matters cos I know how some of you Nigerians can give weird accents to simple words 😂😂..

@chris_davidsofficial wrote: E clear say the sickness no dey serious else u go explain wetin b toddler tire 😂😂

@oladimejji wrote: Come on English… just say you’re bringing a baby
This isn’t America for crying out loud 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

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