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‘There are a lot of wicked people out there, Don’t lose guard’ Woli Arole warns

woli arole

Nigerian Comedian and Actor, Oluwatoyin Bayegun, better known as Woli Arole has taken to social media to warn his fans and other Nigerians to always be watchful following a viral video of a couple who were rescued by their vigilant photographer witnessing a woman waving a handkerchief on the bride’s head.

According to the Comic actor, wickedness is on different levels and can be displayed by anyone like your friends, customers, colleagues at work and employer.

However, the best thing to do is to be mindful of people around even your friends, and also be prayerful.

He wrote:

Face your Neighbour say “No Loose Guard”…..
Tag a friend to see this…..

Don’t be deceived there are WICKEDNESS at different levels. My people no loose GUARD. Be PRAYERFUL and Be WATCHFUL. Alot of evil FRIENDS, Alot of evil CUSTOMERS, Alot of evil EMPLOYEES, Alot of evil EMPLOYERS. Omo Iya mi no LOOSE GUARD oyee

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