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“The toxicity oozing out from her is obvious” – Renowned ICT Lawyer, Martin Beck Nworah drags Blessing Okoro

Martin Beck Nworah and Blessing Okoro

Popular ICT Lawyer and Philanthropist, Martin Beck Nworah, has taken to social media to drag life out of controversial and acclaimed s3x therapist, Blessing Okoro.

This is coming after Blessing Okoro who is a divorced mother of two shared a video advising married women not to give their husbands money.

Kemi Filani News earlier reported that Blessing advised wives to stop giving out money to their husbands because it is not their place to do so.

She added that women need to stop giving men money because their job is to assist the men, not to provide.

In a new video posted on her official Instagram, Blessing Okoro went on to advise women to desist from dating or getting married to men who are jobless.

Draging her and questioning why people take her serious, Martin Beck Nworah took to Facebook and wrote:

“I hope nobody takes advice from this lady? The toxicity oozing out from her many videos is obvious to anyone who cares to critically comprehend her words. Perhaps she appeals to an audience with lower intellect and that’s good too; because there should be something for everyone.

When you are truly married and want your home to work, you and your husband are partners in life, love and growth. Unless the marriage is a war front, then you can take up the advice of that lady up there.

This is one of the reasons responsible men stay away from committing to any relationship till they find a good one. A friend was always enjoying gifts, hangouts and stuff from me till one day, I asked her why she never gets me anything.

Then she said, “my money is my money but Beck, your money is our own.” I wanted to ask her out for a relationship but I immediately changed my mind and distanced myself from her. A woman with such mentality will see marriage as a war front and it is not healthy for a union meant to be cemented in love.

Be careful who you take advice from and what you apply in your life. There’s no one answer fits all situations when it comes to marriage, relationship or love.”

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