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“The last thing I’ll ever do is scam a brand” – Ashmusy responds to Very Dark Man’s allegation of unpaid debt

Popular influencer Ashmusy has responded to Very Dark Man’s allegations that she has refused to refund the money she owes a brand in Alaba market.

Ashmusy responds to Very Dark Man.

In her post, Ashmusy wrote;

”Let it be known, that the last thing I’ll ever do is to scam a brand that has trusted me with their money….

I have ran probably over 1,000 Ads since 7 years of my influencing career and haven’t been dragged for anything like this because I deliver even if it takes time… and the worst that has ever happened is delay never denial.

And yes, some people will always fall for negative posts like this because they enjoy it even l after hearing just one side of the story after seeing half half chats from only 1 person.. but that’s ok, it’s not new.

I don’t play with my brand integrity hence the reason I am typing this, because usually the last thing I ever want to do is reply such a post.… be rest assured, this will be settled. Thank you for your love and understanding”

Recall that Very Dark Man had said that Ashmusy collected the sum of one-million Naira from a brand for ads, but she failed to deliver, and she still refused to refund the money.

According to the conversation Very Dark Man shared, Ashmusy said that she didn’t run the ads because the location was in Alaba, and she had just rebranded herself, so it wouldn’t look good for her public image.

She went ahead to say that she would consider running the ads if the owner of the brand added the sum of one-million-and -five-hundred-thousand Naira to the one-million Naira he had already sent.

Very Dark Man said that the brand owner was insisting on getting his money back since 2023, and Ashmusy failed to return the money.

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