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The adorable moment Adekunle Gold Tapped Simi’s bum as they danced together(Video)



Adekunle gold tapped simi

Nigeria’s beloved celebrity couple, Adekunle Gold and Simi, have once again warmed hearts with an adorable video. The afrobeats artists recently shared an adorable video where they danced playfully together, creating a heartwarming sight for their fans.

In the video, Simi and Adekunle Gold can be seen grooving to the rhythm of a song. Simi is wearing a mini bodycon gown, while Adekunle Gold sports baggy jeans and a shirt. As they dance closely, Simi playfully taps Adekunle Gold’s bum, and immediately, he responds by tapping hers. This lighthearted exchange made Simi laugh and then she proceeds to quickly adjusts her gown that had hitched up during the dance.

Watch the delightful video here!

Simi reveals one major thing people don’t know about her

Let’s recall that Kemi Filani reported a few weeks ago that Simi, the talented artist and wife of Adekunle Gold, shared a part of her that people rarely knew about her. The mother of one took to her Instagram page to reveal a unique aspect of her life.

Simi disclosed that she approaches each day with a desire to experience it as it comes. She emphasizes the importance of giving her best to each day and then moving on to the next. In her words, “I try not to obsess about things I can’t control. I don’t chase after what is not for me.”

I don’t eat anything disgusting except it’s like a body part – Simi tells husband Adekunle during a fun couple’s game

Kemi Filani recently reported that Simi and Adekunle, engaged in a light-hearted game on TikTok, revealing entertaining insights into their relationship dynamics.

When the couple was confronted with a question about dishonesty, Simi made it clear that dishonesty has no place in their household. However, the atmosphere took a playful turn when a question emerged: “What is something your partner eats that you find repulsive?” In response, Simi confessed to being a picky eater and playfully added, “except it’s like a body part.”

Amidst laughter and curiosity, the video concluded, leaving fans amused and speculating about the intriguing mention of the “body part” Simi alluded to.