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“That’s what you get when you don’t know your father” Nigerians mock Juliana Olayode as Pastor Timi Adigun denies accusation

Juliana Olayode and Timi Adigun

Nigerians have taken to social media to mock actress Juliana Olayode, after her former pastor and spiritual father, Timi Adigun, denied sexual molestation accusation.

Kemi Filani News earlier reported that Olayode had on Tuesday called out Adigun, who was her ‘spiritual’ father and manager, for taking control of her Facebook and other social media accounts.

During their exchange on social media, the role interpreter on Wednesday revealed that the pastor molested her sister.

She wrote, “Did you listen to yourself at all? I don’t think you did. You manipulated and sexually abused my sister and you thought I would be calm. You expect me not to be furious. How are you processing the things you did and the things you said? How? I don’t get you.”

“About those concerned for me and urging me to stop replying, if I were brought before a court, I would have to talk or my lawyer would talk,” Adigun, who pastors the Haven of Love Church, wrote on his Instagram story.

“I have been brought before a social media jury. I have to speak the truth but it is still up to individuals to choose what to believe.

“That said, I want to make it public here that I am ready to stand before any court or panel and I am ready to be investigated.

“When you know you have told the truth, there is no more fear. I NEVER sexually abused anyone! I have facts, figures and dates. What I was guilty of, I owned up to and apologised for. The next I want to see is a subpoena.

“I will continue on social media and continue building my businesses and ministry. This is a distraction I have no time for. I will not be posting on this again.”

Reacting to his rebuttal, Nigerians took to social media to mock Juliana Olayode for calling him her father, while he allegedly defiled her sister.

See some reactions below:

One Staphany Ada wrote, “Exactly what you get when you don’t know who your father is #daddy #papa fear them”

Unkusegun_ wrote, “That’s what you get when you worship pastor. I fear all these women carrying pastor for head like gele.”

Kayceeblinqs wrote, “Ndi spiritual father. Make una try de read bible and organize prayer sessions in your own unit and space. God is everywhere my brethren!”

Blessingokeke_lovedoctor wrote, “As a spiritual father,you ought to protect her,not to destroy her…but na she i blame wey no use her biological father or mother as a spiritual whatever”

Nikki_obi wrote, “Metchew can men just own up to their shit she won’t be saying this if u haven’t done or made an attempt… if there was a strong evidence or if it was taken up immediately u won’t be this bold metchew”

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