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‘Thank your star my old account is no more’ Georgina Onuoha blast Chioma Akpotha after she shared DM from four years ago

'Thank your star my old account is no more' Georgina Onuoha blasts Chioma Apotha after she shared DM from four years ago

Nollywood actress cum health practitioner, Georgina Onuoha has continued to blast her colleague, Chioma Akpotha after she shared the direct messages they exchanged four years ago.

Kemi Filani reported that Georgina Onuoha and Chioma Akpotha have been at loggerheads following a series of violence that broke out during the General Election that broke out on 25th February across polling units in the country.

Chioma who was an active participant during the election went on Instagram live to cry out over the violence in her polling unit. Reacting to it, Georgina recounted how during the 2019 General Election, Chioma slid into her DM and asked her to stop sharing posts decrying the rigging and violence experienced in some parts of the country.

Georgina further said that Chioma told her to think of her brand as such posts could be harmful to her status and brand. In response, Georgina blasted Chioma and the latter unfollowed her. Fast forward to the present, Georgina pointed out how Chioma was screaming out of her lungs like a cow because the election violence affected her directly. She slammed Chioma for only showing bravery, compassion and empathy because it affects her directly.

Chioma Apotha replies to Georgina Onuoha with receipts

In a bid to set records straight, Chioma took to her Instagram page to share her DM with Georgina Onuoha where she appealed to her to stop covering the election violence in the country since she doesn’t reside in Nigeria.

In the DM, Chioma revealed that she was angry with Georgina over her posts as she doesn’t reside in Nigeria to perform her civic duty. She reminded Georgina that she is a brand and people look up to to her, hence, should desist from publishing election violence as she deems it as inciting more anger.

Defending herself, Georgina emphasized that posting what was happening in most parts of the country isn’t inciting violence. She stated that she doesn’t need to be a blogger or journalist to air her opinion or speak accurately on issues in the country.

Georgina Onuoha blast Chioma Apotha

In a new development, Georgina Onuoha took to Instagram to share a glittery picture of herself while asking Chioma Akpotha to thank her star she doesn’t have access to her old account.

According to the mother of two, Chioma posted a copy-and-paste version of their chat. She noted that the world would have known the real ‘Chioma’ if she had access to her account.

Georgina warned Chioma not to involve their wedding talks, children or families in the social media drama and requested that she keeps it strictly on election matters.

She wrote: “Thank your lucky star ⭐️ Don’t ever bring wedding, children and family into this. We stay cause on Election Matters. I called you out on elections issues a few days ago. I’m glad you acknowledged that yet you felt entitled to lecture anyone on what to post on their timeline because it did not affect you then. Even when people were being killed? You can post your copy and paste chat, thank your star that my old account is no more. The world would have seen the real you. Such entitlement. Be warned… Chioma”.

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