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‘Writing song for Davido limits his growth, he should normalise penning his own lyrics’ Twitter user berates Tekno as he issues warning to Davido

Davido and Tekno

Twitter critic Daniel Regha has berated Nigerian singer Tekno after issuing a serious warning to Davido about featuring in his new album.

In a post shared on the microblogging platform Twitter, Tekno said that if Davido fails to feature him in his new album, he should stop talking to him.

Reacting to this, Daniel Regha slammed Tekno, saying it’s not about being on Davido’s upcoming album but questioning if he didn’t write the lyrics for him as he did with the hit song ‘IF’.

According to Daniel Regha, writing songs for Davido limits his growth. He needs to normalise penning his lyrics and writing from the heart because originality is everything, and it matters a lot.

Tekno wrote: Davido if the new album come out and I no dey inside, don’t talk to me again.

Tekno it’s not about being on Davido’s upcoming album, hope u didn’t write a song for him like you did with ‘IF’ cos doing so only limits Davido’s growth, he needs to normalise penning his own lyrics and writing from the heart. Originality in music is everything, it matters a lot.

_____Kemi Filani news recalls Davido had explained why he had been seemingly unaccepted as a successful singer.

For the music star who comes from a wealthy home, he is not seen as a successful singer because of his family background.

The DMW boss, in a chat on “IONWANNATALK” podcast, said the fact that he lacks the “grass to grace” story which is one significant criterion to be accepted by Nigerians makes it harder for him to be appreciated despite his impact on the Africa/global music scene.

Davido also alleged envy in the music scene which is why although he was born with a golden spoon he has strived much harder than the common man yet his value is still being downplayed.

According to him: “Not to be cocky but when next is the industry going to see another Davido? Let’s just be honest….A child from where I come from, hustled, suffered.
“I can tell you that I’ve suffered more than a lot of people that don’t have money. And I’ve been able to build what I built. It’s not going to happen in a long time.
“I don’t have the grass to grace story. And for Nigerians to accept you without that is usually very hard.
“That’s why I’m asking you because I know…..I don’t think there’s anything the industry needs because it’s always going to be the same thing. There’s always going to be envy.”

Davido and Tekno

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