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Tekno finally unfollows kizz daniel

In recent developments, Afrobeat artist Tekno has finally returned the favour by unfollowing Kizz Daniel, days after Kizz Daniel unfollowed him.


A few days ago, it had been reported that Kizz Daniel had unfollowed Tekno. The entire controversy started after a post which was allegedly done by Tekno revealed that Kizz Daniel had given him 50% of every revenue that he generates from the song Buga.

He also went on to allegedly state that after Kizz Daniel’s Buga tour, he had sent him close to a billion naira and that he was extremely shocked by this move. Now, Tekno reacting to this interview denied the claims.

He further stated that Kizz Daniel’s money was not nearly long enough and that people should stop putting out fake interviews.

Two weeks after the comment made by Tekno, Kizz Daniel decided to return the favour and slam Tekno’s statement. He expressed that if others are talking about money, Tekno is not supposed to be talking.

He also went on to call him a local dog who he had rescued by featuring him in his song Buga. Now reacting to this, Tekno also fired back by stating that Kizz Daniel is a clout chaser. He also revealed that Kizz Daniel was an insecure narcissist while he warned that he is not the one to be played with.

Now following all of this, Tekno eventually returned the favour and unfollowed Kizz Daniel. We are unsure if the two would at some point mend the rifts that they share.

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