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Teddy A thanks Bam Bam for giving him a beautiful baby

bambam and teddy a

Coming after the reality star couple Bam Bam and Teddy A welcomed their baby Zen, Teddy A has taken to his Instagram page to thank her for giving him a beautiful baby.

bambam and teddy a

Praising her and declaring his undeying love for her, he wrote:

“My Woman, My Everything. Yummy mommy, Mama Zen, My Bem Bem, Athena Baby, Aya Mi 😍 Thank you for giving me such a beautiful baby girl, you deserve something heavy for giving me such a gorgeous human πŸ€” So Help Me God πŸ™πŸ½ _I can’t even begin to explain neither can I contain this joy I’m feeling inside right now! I love you scatter “

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