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S*x is unimportant in the scheme of love and life – Uche Aguh

Nollywood actor, Uche Aguh has shared his own opinion about intimacy in a relationship.

The Nigerian born American raised film maker took to his Twitter page to share his own opinion about sex and how it doesn’t matter. He further noted that everyone just want someone who adores, laughs, jokes and jokes without sǝx.

He tweeted, “Sex is so unimportant in the grand scheme of love and life. I think we all just want someone who adores us, laughs at our jokes, wants to cuddle with us even when it’s hot outside and the AC isn’t working. Someone who doesn’t mind being silly with you. Someone who makes you free”.

Netizens counter Uche Aguh

Netizens have however disagreed with Aguh’s opinion of love and life as the began to site the real reasons why sex is important.. see comments below,

Aare Ona Kankanfo III: You are so wrong.Sex is the highest form of communication between two people.If you haven’t had sex, you haven’t bounded on the highest level.Quote me anywhere.

Goodness of God: Don’t lie to yourself just to make a point and drag others with you.If sex is so unimportant why are sexless marriages crashing?Intimacy is needed for deep connection.Sex is essential to sustain passion and reproduce. One isn’t more important than the other.

Dan replied to Goodness: Quit confusing intimacy with sex. Sex is a branch of intimacy not intimacy itself. Sex is definitely important but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not THE most important thing in a relationship/marriage.

Xiaobunny: it doesn’t matter what is THE most important, and if sex is important then few relationships will work without it. Maybe Love is the most important, but that doesn’t mean you can disregard sex because it’s not number 1. Even so, most relationships need both.

A Tswana princess: I think sexless marriages are collapsing because of the lack of communication between partners. One might be okay with not having sex and the other one is not hence the marriage is falling apart. But if both of you ar are unbothered then the marriage can survive. It’s really about it.

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