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Susan Peters reacts as Bill Gates’ wife says dead bodies will litter the streets of Africa over COVID-19

susan peters

Actress Susan Peters has reacted after Bill Gates’ wife Belinda Gates stated that dead bodies will litter the streets of Africa because of COVID-19.

Belinda made the statement while expressing fears over the poor health care facilities in Africa.

“My heart is in Africa. I’m worried. The only reason why the reported cases of the coronavirus disease in Africa is low now is most likely because there have not been wide testing of people. The disease is going to bite hard on the continent. I see dead bodies in the streets of Africa,” Mrs. Gates said.

Her statement didn’t sit well with Susan Peters who stated that God will disappoint agents of darkness against Africa.

The actress who once attributed COVID-19 to God’s wrath on the world took to social media where she wrote: “No Wonder You are bitter God will continue to disappoint you agents of darkness. All your conspiracies won’t work,Africans please stay Woke !!! God will heal the land !!! Amen please one word for this wicked soul”.

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