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“How God saved my family from fire outbreak” Sunmbo Adeoye recounts as she shares matching pajamas themed Christmas Photos

Sunmbo Adeoye Christmas shoot

Sunmbo Adeoye, the mother of singer 2face’s kids, has shared testimony of how God saved her and her family from Fire outbreak.

The wife of Pastor David Adeoye, founder of Royalty Christian Centre, while sharing her annual family Christmas photos recounted the ugly incident.

Narrating the incident, Sunmbo revealed that after decorating her home for Christmas, they had a fire incident that got them living outside their home for a week.

However, her house has been renovated in time for Christmas which has relieved her from the trauma.

Speaking on their Christmas shoot, Sunmbo disclosed that they did a matching pajamas shoot in memorial of what could have happened that didn’t happen.

Sunmbo Adeoye recounts fire outbreak

“Team Matching family Christmas pajamas.

Oluwaseun ooo, being alive and well this Christmas season hits differently as God saved my family from fire outbreak in our home.

After decorating my home for Christmas, we had a fire incident that got us living outside our home for a week. So returning to a beautiful renovated space helped to relieve the trauma of the incidence.

We opted to do a family photoshoot in our matching Christmas jammies in memorial of what could have happened that didn’t happen. Ah! Glory be to God Almighty.

The routine of wearing matching pajamas and doing things together as a family every holiday has come to stay and I look forward to creating more special memories year after year….. So help me God.

Hope this inspires you to do things together and create fun memories with the ones you love, this festive season.

Merry Christmas with loads of love from my family to yours.

Nothing missing, Nothing broken, Nothing Lacking.


Sunmbo Adeoye recounts fire outbreak

Sunmbo Adeoye shares testimony of how she lost her child 3 years ago, but blessed with two now

Recall that Sunmbo Adeoye had taken to social media to share her testimony. The wife of Lagos pastor shared the testimony of how she lost a child in 2017 in the united states and returned to home empty handed.

It was her husband’s 20 years of waiting and her own 4th year of waiting. Her husband was once married, before he lost his wife.

She shared her journey of breaking down, having faith in God and how her Pastor husband stood firm and encouraged her.

In the space of 22 months, Sunmbo who has two previous children with popular singer, Tuface has been blessed with two children — a boy and a girl, hence her testimony.

Sunmbo’s testimony

“This was in June 2017.

I had travelled to Connecticut in May for my nieces graduation and commencement service and to also have our baby after so many miscarriages and failed IVF’s.

On The day of our ultrasound, I was so excited as my niece followed me for check up.

We got in the room and in the usual culture of the American health practitioners, I was expecting the lady in the lab to give me updates and let us hear the baby’s heart beat. Instead she kept asking questions.

At first I didn’t get why she asked until she said she’s sorry “but there’s no heart beat” and so I have to be transferred for further testing due to the recurring losses.

Devastated yet hopeful that God will not let me come this far to have an evacuation in the U.S. I was there to have a baby Lord, I reminded Him. Your covenant with me is to carry my own child in due season Lord. I started to pray in tongues. Called my husband who was then preparing for a “Just worship” mid week service back in our home church as I was transferred to the next room for more testing. Read more here.

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