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‘Stop telling me I’m slim’ Actress Jemima Osunde warns clueless people telling her to eat more

jemima osunde

Star rising actress Jemima Osunde has taken to her Instagram page to issue a stern warning to people telling her to eat more due to her stature.

According to the slim actress, a foodie like her does not need to be informed when to eat before her body starts dancing to the tune of hunger pangs.

Sharing pictures of her depicting how she would eat and it progresses to the hunger disappearance, She wondered how else a human being would eat after receiving disapproval about her stature.

Speaking further, the actress said people should keep quiet rather than say something as silly and clueless as that.

She wrote:
The progression of these pictures is a perfect depiction of how my energy drops from when I eat to when my metabolism decides to return me to square one.

Frame 4 is like wait a minute, didn’t I just eat?! 🥴🤣🤣

I obviously give up and give in by the time I get to the final frame and feed the monster again.

Moral lesson of my story is stop telling slim people they need to eat more. To someone like me, you just sound silly and clueless cause how much more could a human possibly eat? 😂🥲🤣🤣🤣

Tell me I’m fine and look away or you can just keep qwayetttt🥰🥰🥰❤️

Jemima Osunde
Jemima Osunde
Jemima Osunde
Jemima Osunde
Jemima Osunde
Jemima Osunde
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