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“Stop chasing girls” Rapper Erigga reveals why men should leave the female gender alone



Rapper erigga tells men to stop chasing women

Nigerian rapper Erigga has stirred a debate on social media with his recent commentary which urged men to “stop chasing girls.”

The controversial artist who said “it is a terrible time to be chasing girls” did not offer a specific reason for his advice, but many speculate that the economic concerns in Nigeria may have been a major factor behind his message.

The rapper’s remark also comes at a time when economic challenges in Nigeria have been on an astounding high. In Nigeria, “chasing girls” is often associated with spending money on them and perhaps this advice is meant for the men to reassess their priorities and spending habits.

Rapper Erigga queries EFCC over 15years jail term for Landlords letting houses to Yahoo boys

Recall that back in 2022, Erigga whose real name is Erhiga Agarivibie, had outrightly questioned the EFCC on their new law forbidding landlords from renting houses to Yahoo boys.

While landlords had struggled to come to terms with the new law, Erigga had questioned the law and the measures that would be put in place for politicians who are similar to yahoo boys.

‘In real life, we do the majority of what we preach against on social media’ Rapper Erigga shades social media users

Back in 2021, Erigga had thrown some shades at social media users who do most of the things they criticise against. According to the controversial artiste, he stated that 92.3% of users are guilty of this act of hypocrisy and they always deceive their followers by not practising what they preach.

Social media is likened to perfection these days as people never want to turn in their ugly side so as not to be criticised by people who look up to them because they have bragged about it not happening to them.