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“Stop calling on the God of Nathaniel Bassey and co” Daniel Regha cautions Christians

Daniel Regha - stop calling God of

In latest development, controversial Twitter personality Daniel Regha,has cautioned Christians on what not to do. 

He revealed that they should refrain from always calling on the God of a specific pastor or someone who they believe worships God truly. 

Instead, he revealed that they should call on people that have a Biblical reference attached to them. 

He said that, as a Christian, it was not right for you to call on theGod of Bassey, God of Frank Edwards,etc whether living or dead. 

He told them to also forget what they’ve seen because nobody knows where each pastor gets their powers from. He adviced that, they should call on a Biblical reference like the God of Isaac, Abraham, Deborah, etc. 

In his words,

“As a Christian, you should not be calling on the God of any pastor, whether living or dead. Forget the miracles seen. 

No one knows for a fact who or what they serve and where they get their powers from. Listen to their preaching if enlightening, but only reference Biblical saints when calling on God, e.g., the God of Isaac, Abraham, Deborah, just to name a few.”

Now, also recall that, two days ago, Daniel Regha had comforted netizens who were trying to cancel singer Buju. He expressed how they had failed to cancel artists that they had previously said they would cancel, hinting at the fact that it would be a failure. 

Also, back in February of 2024, Daniel Regha had advised girls who were in relationships to not go above and beyond to prove anything on Valentine’s Day. He further revealed that they could be girlfriend number four without even knowing. 

He also further queried people who have been engaged since 2023 and were still yet to get married. He revealed that, at least for most single people, they know exactly where they stand.

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