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“Stop asking me for money, I’m not Tinubu’s son” Lege Miami cries out

Lege Miami tells people to stop asking him for money

In a video message to Nigerians on social media, Nollywood Actor, Lege Miami made an earnest plea to the public, asking them to stop asking him for money, be abuse of his political stance. He stated clearly in the video that he was not connected to any political figure or related to President Tinubu.

In the video, he expressed his frustration, eggin people to stop soliciting money from him.

Lege Miami also opened up about his financial situation, revealing that he was not as affluent as people might think and he was in-fact poor. He revealed that he was struggling financially and that the wealth attributed to him did not exist.

“We will turn it to grace” Portable exposes actor, Lege Miami for disgracing his lover, Queen Dami in an interview, shares private chats

Kemi Filani recently reported how Portable had shown his love for his latest girlfriend, Queen Dami by defending her against actor, Lege Miami.

Lege Miami who used to be close to Queen Dami had stated in an interview that he was still searching for a suitor for her when he learned of her romance with Portable and when he confronted her, she denied it at first.

Taking to the comment section of the Nedu’s Instagram page, Portable had slammed Lege for disgracing his lover. He also exposed the actor for begging from his wife as she shared chats between him and the Queen.

“Where do I go now” Lege Miami cries out as Igbo landlady evicts him from his house

Kemi Filani reported last month that Lege Miami had cried out following an eviction notice from his Landlady. The controversial movie star, who got himself in trouble over his support for now President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu had trolled the Eastern Nigerians during the election.

Now facing the repercussion, his Landlady who hails from the East has given him a notice of eviction with a 7days ultimatum. Taking to his Instagram page to lament, Lege questioned where he would go as the eviction came as a shock to him.

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