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‘Stop allowing people to project their fears unto you’ Actress Debbie Shokoya

Debbi Shokoya

Fast-rising Nollywood actress Debbie Shokoya has advised her fans and colleagues to stop allowing other people to project their fears in them.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, the actress said naysayers would tell an individual that they can’t achieve a particular feat because they tried and couldn’t do it.

According to Debbi Shokoya, it’s high time people stop allowing fears from others to rule their lives. Instead, they should stand up and tell themselves they can do a specific task.

Debbie further advised her fans and followers to take risks if it was worth it, trust God and see how they will pull through.

The actress added that people should stop being afraid of the unknown as they can never tell what is ahead until they take a step.

She wrote: Naysayers Will Tell You That “You Can’t”, Just Because They Tried And They Couldn’t Do It. It’s High Time You Stop Allowing People Project Their Fears Unto You!!

Stand Up Now!!! Tell Yourself You Can!! Go For It With Faith. Take The Risks If It’s Worth It… Trust God And See How You Will Pull Through It

Lemme Tell You This…”YOU CAN!!” Stop Being Afraid Of The Unknown, You Never Can Tell What Is Ahead Until You Move. So, Take That Bold Step Today FAM. Blessings Always

Debbi shokoya
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