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“Why I would never allow myself be in the same room with BBNaija Nengi” – Singer Spyro reveals, recounts his encounter with reality star

Spyro recounts encounter with Nengi

Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Spyro has revealed why he would never be in the same room with Big Brother Naija Lockdown finalist, Nengi Hampson.

Taking to his Instagram page, he disclosed that an interviewer recently asked him which female celebrity in the industry would he never allow himself be left on a room with. The singer picked Nengi as he noted how he isn’t Jesus Christ but just a servant of his.

According to him, since he isn’t Jesus, he flees from every appearance of Nengi so people wouldn’t use her to get to him.

Surprisingly for him, he met the reality star at a show and she sat right opposite him and he kept rebuking the devil to leave him, till he fled off from there.

“An interviewer recently asked me, Which female in this industry would you never allow yourself be left in a room with? Guess who I named? That would be NENGI.
I no dey like dey too form like say I be JESUS, I am just his BOY, I ain’t him so I FLEE from every appearance of Nengi. Make dem no go go get me.

Humnnnn …. Naso I jam her for one show ,she sat right opposite me and I kept rebuking the devil to leave my head till I had to run”.

Spyro recounts encounter with Nengi

Last year, Spyro shocked many when he declared himself God’s ambassador, revealing that God had sent him to the industry to make some changes.

Distancing himself from unholy songs, he stated that he is in the industry to influence it for God and would promote what is right and pleasing to the ear.

He had recently sent a message to his gender admonishing them to beware of beautiful women, as he avowed that the most terrible women oftentimes are usually the extremely beautiful ones.

Spyro noted how the Devil, was the most beautiful Angel before God threw him out of heaven, as he claimed that the Devil is working behind a lot of the pretty faces men date, talk to, or commune with.

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