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Speedy Darlington left perplexed after buying a plate of ogbono soup for 10,000 naira

Now, in a recent development, Speedy Darlington has cried out over the economic situation of the country. 

Taking to his Instagram, he expressed that a plate of food now cost 10,000 Naira. He revealed that he had decided to get food earlier today and while getting the food, he had surprisingly been told that a plate of Ogbono soup now cost 10,000 Naira. 

He also further stressed on the fact that they had called it special Ogbono soup and probably that was why it was so expensive. 

He cried out over how the economy was only getting worse as he stressed on how completely unbelievable it was that he was buying a very normal plate of soup for for about 10,000 Naira. 

Now, also recall that back in January of 2024, Speedy Darlington had expressed that he was the richest Nigerian musician. The musician and famed comedic media had taken to a live video to disclose this information. A follower also tried to counter his claim, however, he immediately caused the follower out, slamming the follower and even involving the follower’s family. 

He disclosed that he was richer than artust Wizkidas he tried to speak on how big his finances were. 

Also, back in 12th of January 2024, Speedy Darlington had cried out over the reduced quantity of fuel in petroleum stations.

In a recent video, he had showed himself filling up his car tank in a station while he lamented on how one litre of fuel no longer really equalled one litre. He hinted at the fact that some fuel stations were now manipulating their equipment to this effect. 

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