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“Choose your failure well” – Sonia Ogiri throws shades as she speaks on her failed Nollywood career

Sonia Ogiri

Nollywood actress Sonia Ogiri has addressed the shades and tantrums online about her supposed failed career as a Nollywood actress.

Sonia took to her Instagram page to address this statement after her controversial admonition to her colleague Iyabo Ojo.

The mother of one noted that she left the Nigerian film industry 10 years ago in search for greener pastures. She emphasized on the fact that she was making waves in the industry before her timely decision to migrate.

Ogiri stated that she has achieved more because her child now have numerous access and success which herself could not attain.

She however shaded those who called her a failed actress saying she chose the wise failure.

She wrote, “Let my Address this real quick.

  • I Left the Nigerian Film Industry 10 years ago.
  • I didn’t leave because I wasn’t getting jobs lol, I’m a go-get.ter ( I push and get whatever my heart wants)

*I didn’t leave because I wasn’t a good actor.

  • I didn’t leave because I couldn’t fit into the lifestyle ( those that knew knows) I was so made before I entered Nollywood

(1) I planned out my life accommodating my only Child in it ( that’s what every reasonable and reasonable mother should do) and this includes his wellbeing, education, present and future so I decided to give him
a better life than I got,
a better education than I got,
a better environment than I got,
a better exposure than I got
a better experience than I got and in order to achieve all of this, I will have to leave my comfort zone because nobody is gonna train up my child for me abroad.

TODAY I have achieved that and more.

  • My child can travel the world without stress
  • He now have alternative just incase
  • He has everything better than I had which should be the norm (our children shall be grater than us)


  • I’m a better person
  • more exposed
  • more skilled
  • more experienced
  • more hardworking
  • I have alternative
  • more achievements
  • more knowledge
  • I can travel the world etc so help me do the math.

AM I GOING BACK TO NOLLYWOOD? YES but after my child is settled which is the IMPORTANT to me and now I can say, that has been taken care of by his GRACE.

I’m bold, strong, persistent, independent, hardworking, determined, an achiever, a warrior, a gogetter and I will stop at nothing till I reach my finish line.

THE JAPA you are planning and wishing now at your old age is what I gave up my Nollywood career for , for my child at his early age.

If most of your Parents took care of your yesterday, you won’t be Miserable today and I hope you will plan better for your own children

The Moral of my story is, Choose your FAILURE WELL.”

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