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“Some of you were c*rsed with gutter behavior” – Alex Unusual shares as she recounts her ordeal with a fan

Alex Unusual recently came back from her social media hiatus, and it seems that she’s get to catch a break.

In a recent video, the reality television star recalled her unpleasant ordeal with an fan, stating that some people are cursed with gutter behavior.

Alex Unusual said that while she was dancing at a club, she noticed that a lady was pointing at her, and directing her friend’s gaze towards her, which she took no offense to.

Shortly after that, a waiter tapped her, saying that the two girls mentioned above wanted to take pictures with her, to which she agreed.

Alex Unusual said that the two girls wanted her to go to them to take the pictures, instead of coming over to meet her. She stated that she asked the girls to come over instead.

Upon arriving home, Alex Unusual said that it was then that it occurred to her that the two ladies were being disrespectful by asking her to go over to them and take pictures.

Going forward, she said that she went on Instagram to get pictures of herself since she didn’t take pictures of herself, and upon arriving the page, she realized that one of the girls that asked to take pictures with her had commented.

In the comment, the mystery lady said that Alex Unusual isn’t beautiful in person. This prompted her to even check her Instagram page.

Alex Unusual said that the girl’s behavior shows that she had a low-life way of thinking, and she was visibly upset about the whole situation.

Here’s what netizens had to say about Alex Unusual’s story;

kk_bigshow wrote, “If it was Funke Akindele would you have told her to stand up and come take a picture with you… it is really disrespectful and disregarding”

theycallmeprettyomaa wrote, “That’s why burna always match them with his timberland boot £n£mi£.s pr£tending to be fan..”

chidexfashionstore9 wrote, “Am not saying she is lying oo but I don’t believe this story is true”

eiirosilveravwara wrote, “You didn’t take a picture with her, neither did you have a conversation with her so how did you get her or know her handle?”

tanker4560 wrote, “And this one na supposed virgin o? Virgin wey dey club upandan”

avzne wrote, “To be a celebrity in Nigeria is not easy oo”

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